I Read Your Book

by Friction Farm

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Ten songs inspired by books we were reading while on the road, plus an eleventh song that was the result of all that reading.


released June 1, 2013

Aidan and Christine do their usual thing... guitar, bass, singing.
Produced by Tom Prasada-Rao, Mark Dann, Neale Eckstien
Guest musicians; Tom, Mark, Neale, Deni Bonet, Tim Burlingame, Marshal Rosenberg, Pat Wictor



all rights reserved


Friction Farm Greenville, South Carolina

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Track Name: Normal
What if I'm not normal? What if I'm not built that way
All the stars align just right then one decides to stray
Is it always how it's written? Do the heavens get to choose?
When I get to win and what I have to lose
Run baby run - Hide baby hide
Cover your tracks - Cover your eyes
Six years old and turning red because everyone can see
That the scars go so much deeper than the lines left on my knees
Nine o'clock on Friday and everybody waits but I am silent, silent, silent
Afraid to open up those gates
I am not my mother's daughter, not just my father's girl
But I can't escape their eyes in the way I see the world
From the shadows and the fringes I get a glimpse of hope
Like flowers from a summer dress beneath a worn out winter coat
Track Name: These Days
n your darkest hour will you hang your head
Use solemn tones, cower and beg
For forgiveness
I don't know if it will save my soul
But I will turn up the music and dance 'til I go
The last distance
Heaven has got enough excuse makers they could use a couple more hip-shakers
These days

When the skies turn dry and the crops won't thrive
Will you lock up your storerooms, sell all your grain for a price
To your friends
I believe if I am blessed with more
I will set a big table, throw open my doors
Ask you in
This world has got enough deal makers we could use a couple more bread bakers
These days

When the lines are drawn and the flags are flown
In the name of what's right we will do so much wrong
In broad daylight
Time will come when you will have to choose
Do you care about something or just if you win or you lose?
The next fight
This world has got enough instigators we could use a couple more peacemakers
These days

This world has got enough muckrakers stirring up hatred in trouble makers
Selfish back-breakers and users and takers we could use a couple more peacemakers
These days
This world has got enough war makers filling up coffins of undertakers
Willing heart breakers and thieving dream takers we could use a couple more peacemakers
These days
Track Name: Let It Rain
There are no stars out tonight, the crescent moon gives up her fight
Let the clouds declare a victory, maybe darkness will bring relief
The faithful fall on bended knees and beg the sky for mercy

Morning chases the clouds away; an angry sun conquers the day
It's a hard life out on the open plains selling cattle for the price of grain
The desperate cry out where the sky can see and ask for charity
Let it rain, let it pour, let the water flow, let the rivers roar
Let it rain, let it pour, let it rain for forty days once more
A warm wind blows from the east and south, kisses the cold air hard on the mouth
There is no denying the chemistry you can feel electricity
The angry go outside and shake their fists and order the sky to give in
If you ask you shall receive, you can pray or beg or stamp your feet
But Mother Nature is a fickle beast first it's famine then its feast
Track Name: The End Of The World
f you knew there was no heaven, would you still be kind
If you knew there was no hell, would you change your mind
It's not a question of faith, or the way that you believe
It's about who you are down deep
So make your mind up, before your time's up
You don't have time to waste
Because the end of the world is never far away

When they're pounding on my door, when they're calling out my name
Will you stand by me, or deny that we're the same
Until the moment of truth, you'll never really know
But if you mean to stare down trouble, maybe that's the side you'll show
So get your plans made, before it's too late
You don't have time to waste
Because the end of the world is never far away

When he takes you in his arms, what color will you be
Angry flame red or pure white mercy
The angel always knows, on your very last day
If your whole life was bright or gray
So get your soul right, before your last flight
You don't have time to waste
Because the end of the world is never far away
Track Name: Somewhere in the Nowhere
My grandmother's grandmother walked in these hills
In the shade of the tall pines where the winding river spills
I trace the footsteps that she left long ago
Her wildflower paths replaced by asphalt roads
I know you need this land to feed the ones you love
But how am I supposed to raise my cubs
Somewhere in the nowhere is where I need to be
Where I can be wild and live peacefully
Everywhere is somewhere now, I hope you'll find a way somehow
To leave a little nowhere in your somewhere for me
My grandfather's grandfather lived on this mountain
Forty generations before anyone was counting
He was a hunter and he was strong
He knew this place was where he belonged
So when we meet each other out there on the trail
Remember this was my home before Columbus sailed
Somewhere in the nowhere is where I need to be…
Track Name: Katie Raise Your Sails
Katie raise your sails, set your sights on the western sky
Just beyond the next horizon chase your dreams and you will find them
Trust the current, Trust the wind, Trust yourself to find the way
Reach for mountains, Reach for stars, Reach a little farther every day
Don't make up your mind, let the answers find you
With curiosity your guide you never know what you will find
When you write it down Katie, brace for thunder
Fear may storm the gates of reason but the light of truth shines like a beacon
Track Name: I Got A Secret
I got a little dirty laundry, now it's starting to pile up
It's getting hard to keep it hidden behind the cleaner stuff
I got a secret inside of me I got a secret want to tell somebody
I got a secret it's the key to everything I got a secret
I've got paper bags and cardboard boxes, little bits of history
Skirts and pants and boots and socks as far as the eye can see
Me and Peter know it's elementary a little thing can make you feel so big
But it's hard to find something complementary so let's go shopping Mr. Higgs
He thinks I have a real obsession, calls his own a noble profession
No linear accelerators in my possession but his hobby grows by exponential progression
Track Name: Rosalie
Rosalie, did you ever think that things would turn out this way?
You would rescue me when I was on the brink of throwing it all away
Now I'm standing on top of the world

A few warm meals and a place to sleep is that all you think you gave me?
Your kindness heals, that set in deep it's those little things that changed me
Now I'm standing on top of the world

Falling down was not the hard part though my body and soul were shattered
Hitting the ground was just the start it was getting up that mattered

Rosalie you made me think that like was still full of grace
I lost my dream but quick as a wink another one took its place
Now I'm standing on top of the world
Track Name: You Always Bring Me Down
I am curled up in the back seat empty coffee cups at my feet
The road goes on for miles and miles and miles
There are things outside my window places I wish that we could go
But back-seat driving has never been my style
We reach our destination is it my imagination or have we ended up on lower ground
We were headed for the mountain but we got turned around
Somehow you always bring me down
Next time I call shotgun in the front seat with my maps drawn
I watch the traffic I read all the signs
But there's a detour and a speeding trap I am getting hungry I need a nap
Now all the roads just seem to intertwine
Now I'm in the driver's seat I am in control I'll take the heat
In the fast lane with the sports cars and V-8s
But that dashboard voice entrances me she speaks authoritatively
And I sit back while she recalculates
Track Name: Raise Your Hand
I am not mighty like a locomotive, my arms are strong but they can't hold back the tide
But if I raise my hand and you raise your hand
Together we will be counted like we matter in this land
Raise your hand sister, Raise your hand sister, Raise your hand
I am not louder than the rolling thunder, I may speak but I can't drown out the crowd
But if I raise my voice and you raise your voice
Together we will be heard we will sing above the noise
Raise your voice sister, Raise your voice sister, Raise your voice
I am not superman I have no super powers but I have a strong heart and love enough to share
And if I raise my child and you raise your child
In a single generation we can set our differences aside
Raise your child sister, Raise your child sister, Raise your child
Raise your hand sister, Raise your hand sister, Raise your hand
Track Name: I Read Your Book
I read your book cover to cover
On subsequent readings I always discover
Just one more thing and then another
You make it always seem new, I keep coming back to
The story of you

When I first cracked the binding you were a quick summer read
Thought a little distraction was all that I'd need
But fall turned to winter and I was still intrigued
We are long overdue but I'm still reading through
The story of you

Chapter by chapter we're building a life
out of words that you capture and phrases you write
Read to me
Year after year there's more prose and more poetry
can't wait to hear all the words that are yet to be
Read to me

All of the pages have yellowed with time
There are notes in the margin, some yours and some mine
Still your character moves me, the plot well defined
Can't believe that it's true I might never get through
The story of you
We are long overdue
but I'm still reading through
The story of you
You make it always seem new
I keep coming back to
The story of you